How do I get started?
Once you fill out the form to contact us on our website we reach out to you to schedule a preliminary call to explore your goals and determine how we can best support you to reach your optimal potential.

Do you only work with CIOs?
While many of our clients are practicing CIOs, many are also Director and VP level IT executives who are working to develop the competencies required to ascend to the role of CIO.

Do you work with people outside of IT?
Many of the competencies we coach on are transferable to any executive level position. Therefore while the majority of our clients are IT executives we also work with executives from other functional disciplines.

Do you ever work with leadership teams?
We have performed numerous workshops with senior leadership teams within a number of progressive world class organizations. This has included workshops with senior leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CMOs.

Do you ever work with technology vendors?
We have supported both major technology providers as well as their channel partners. Our engagements with this community normally either support their efforts to bring value-added experiences to their clients and prospects or help them better understand how they can effectively partner with IT executives to add value to helping them achieve their goals.

How long is a normal engagement?
Every executive has unique development needs. However, most of our engagements start out as either six or twelve month commitments. The majority of our clients have extended these engagements well beyond their initial commitments.

What guarantee can you provide me that the engagement will be successful?
Each engagement we take on requires work and commitment from both the client as well as us. Success can only be achieved when all parties are committed to doing the necessary work to improve. Having said that, we provide a 100% satisfaction policy. If at any point in the engagement you feel you are not receiving the value you had hoped for, we will refund you for the remaining number of sessions left on your engagement.

How do you measure success?
Our success is based upon your success, plain and simple! Many of our clients have either been promoted or have taken on new jobs with greater responsibilities during our work together. Others have solidified their positions within their organizations when they had previously been at risk.