Corporate Workshops: We facilitate hands-on workshops where participants will learn to improve their skills in:
  1. Aligning teams around a common vision
  2. Leveraging technology to drive tangible business value
  3. Leading major change initiatives
  4. Developing effective communication skills
  5. Marketing the value of IT to the organization
  6. Relationship management
  7. Directing high performance teams
  8. Partnering for success
“We engaged Larry for a one day workshop with our Senior IT team on “Lessons in IT Transformation”. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter. Larry has a special way of communicating tough subjects with humor, humility and years of experience. It was an exciting and informative session that gave us tangible things to take away to focus on.”

- Nancy Galietti, VP of Information Technology, NFL

One-on-One Executive Coaching: We act as the CIO Coach for IT executives to help them:
  1. Develop effective Executive and Board level relationships
  2. Manage high performance teams
  3. Learn how to effectively market IT
  4. Build their personal brand
  5. Leverage IT to drive tangible business value
  6. Transform underperforming organizations
  7. Effect successful organizational alignment
  8. Forge effective vendor/partner relationships
“Larry has been a terrific executive coach for me. He’s helped me on many fronts from formulating presentations and selling ideas to dealing with difficult situations. He maintains a common sense approach to management and really helps me to formalize my own conclusions. It’s great to know he’s in my corner.”

- Laura Cruz, CIO, The CDM Group

Performing IT Competency Assessments: We work with high profile companies to help them assess their organization’s current competencies and create an actionable plan to develop and enhance their capabilities.
“When I first met Larry I immediately knew that he was “something special” and someone I wanted to work with. Working with Larry has validated this conviction. There simply are not that many leaders out there working at Larry’s level. Larry exudes people skills and leadership. He genuinely cares about people and has a great passion for developing leaders. If you are not careful exposure to Larry will likely cause a similar desire to achieve those same qualities yourself! I have a short list of people I have come to regard as true mentors who have helped me to become a better person. Larry is certainly on that short list. I would strongly encourage anyone who is fortunate enough to learn from him not to pass up the opportunity.”

- Michael Kohlman, IT Manager, Cook Group Inc.

Keynote Presentations on Transformational Leadership
“We are so grateful to Larry for delivering a dynamic and inspirational presentation to our team on IT Transformation. The 500+ client-facing employees in attendance truly enjoyed your message, as well as your very funny and entertaining delivery. Your experience in transforming IT organizations into highly respected and trusted business partners was very encouraging to us…having embarked on a similar journey. Your philosophies and examples helped confirm we are on the right track with our Total Client Experience initiative. We wish you the very best as you share your experience, positive attitude, philosophy and inspiration with other teams around the world.”

- Kurt Sweetser, Director IT&BI, Southern California Edison