Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
2013 CIO Bench Coach, LLC,
Effective as of January 1, 2013

The terms and conditions (the “Terms”) for the viewing of this website (the “Website”) owned exclusively by CIO Bench Coach, LLC or one of its subsidiaries (“CIO Bench Coach”). By accessing this Website and/or when you sign up for our services or any other features, technologies or functionalities offered by us on our Website (the “Services”), you agree to be bound by these Terms. As a result, it is imperative that you carefully review these Terms.
These Terms form a binding agreement between you and CIO Bench Coach regarding your use of and access to this Website. If you do not agree to, or cannot comply with, these Terms, you should not use or attempt to access this Website.
CIO Bench Coach reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to modify the Terms at any time upon posting any such modification to this Website. By using (or continuing to use) this Website after a modification to these Terms has been posted, you shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by such modified Terms.

When you visit our Website or use our Services, we collect information sent to us by your computer, mobile phone or other device. This information may include your IP address, device information, operating system, mobile network information, location, browser type, settings, traffic to and from our Website, your use of search terms, any referring website, the pages you accessed on our Website and your overall usage of the internet and other data. Furthermore, through your use of any Services, contact customer support or respond to any survey, we may collect certain additional “personal information” form you, including without limitation your name, company name, title, date of birth, home and/or business address, email address, home and/or business telephone, wireless and/or fax number, credit card and other payment information, demographic information, data regarding your use of the Website, your postings and comments to the Website, your online transactions and your other submissions, subscription information, internet location and/or other information that may identify you as an individual and/or allow online or offline contact with you.
We may purchase or otherwise obtain information about you (including marketing data) from third party sources, including credit bureaus and identity verification services, and add it to our existing user database and/or associate this marketing data to your personal information. In addition, you may elect to provide us with additional personal information stored by third parties such as social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), in which event you agree that CIO Bench Coach may collect, store and use such information in accordance with these Terms; provided, that all information accessed on third-party sites shall be controlled by your privacy settings on that site, and CIO Bench Coach shall not be responsible or liable for the activities of any other website which may collect, use or share any information about you in violation of its own terms and conditions and/or applicable law.
By providing personal information to us, you hereby consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the storage and processing of such personal information in, the United States and other countries or territories, it being expressly acknowledged that the laws applicable to holding personal information in the United States may differ from laws of your state or country. With respect to any personal information that we collect that can be used to identify you, we will store such personal information at our (or our service providers’) facilities on a secure server, and we will endeavor to protect such information from unauthorized access, modification, use, destruction or disclosure by implementing and maintaining safeguards in compliance with applicable US federal and state regulations (which may include firewalls, data encryption and restricted physical access). Notwithstanding the foregoing, although we will use (and will require our service providers to use) commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security and integrity of your personal information, due to the open nature of the Internet, CIO Bench Coach will make no guarantee that any of your personal information provided to us or any of our users, and/or stored on our secure servers, will be free from unauthorized access, and we disclaim any liability for any such unauthorized access to, theft of, loss of or damage to any such information. Through your continued use of this Website, you shall be deemed to have agreed to assume each of the risks enumerated above.
We hereby reserve the right to utilize the information that we collect from you for the following purposes: (i) to enhance and customize your experience on our Website, (ii) provide you with customer support and resolve any disputes, (iii) customize and improve the Services and the content of our Website, (iv) provide you with suitable promotional offers and conduct targeted marketing, (v) process transactions, collect fees and distribute notices to you with respect thereto, (vi) monitor and prevent prohibited activities and enforce our Terms and (vii) verify the accuracy of the information collected. We also may disclose your personal information to third-parties who are our authorized agents or contract vendees that provide CIO Bench Coach with services in connection with the maintenance of our Website, fraud prevention, marketing services and the provision of the Services, including without limitation customer support services and credit card processing, and all such agents and contract vendees shall agree to use your personal information only in connection with such services.
We will also disclose your personal information when required to do so by law, for example, in response to a law enforcement agency’s request, in response to a court order or a subpoena or other legal obligation, in situations where we reasonably believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspected illegal activity, or in special cases when we have reason to believe that disclosing your personal information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference with (whether intentionally or unintentionally) our rights or property and/or violating our Terms. Additionally, certain courts of equity, including U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, may have the authority to allow your personal information to be shared or transmitted to third parties without your permission.
Furthermore, you may contact us at www.ciobenchcoach.com or by emailing us at larry@ciobenchcoach.com. Please be aware that it may take up to 10 business day(s) for CIO Bench Coach to update your preferences and, during that time, you may continue to receive messages from us. Your election not to receive newsletters or marketing correspondence from us will not: (a) prohibit us from contacting you, by email or otherwise, regarding your existing or past relationship with us, and/or (b) prohibit us or our employees, contractors, agents and other representatives, from accessing and observing your personal information while maintaining and/or improving our Website. Finally, a request to have us stop sharing your personal information with other entities for marketing purposes will only apply as of the date on which we receive and process your request, and CIO Bench Coach hereby disclaims responsibility for any communications that you may receive from any third parties that received your personal information prior to such request. In these cases, please contact the entity that is sending you such communications directly.

You acknowledge that you have read these Terms, understand it and will be bound by its terms and conditions. You further acknowledge that these Terms represent the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between us and that it supersedes any proposal or prior agreement oral or written, and any other communications between us relating to the subject matter hereof.